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Investors in People Complaints Procedure

Published 19th November 2013

Our Complaints Policy

To be accredited with Investors in People, an organisation must undergo a thorough assessment process against our Standard. The organisation will also participate in regular reviews. Some employees of accredited organisations may wish to raise complaints, concerns or comments to be considered as part of the assessment process.

Our complaints policy is detailed below. This explains how we handle the complaints that we receive, as well as the limitations and scope of our process. At the bottom of the page, you will find full contact details on how to submit a complaint or raise a concern with us.


Making a complaint about an accredited organisation

All the complaints we receive against accredited organisations are treated seriously. Investors in People is an independently assessed voluntary good practice framework. It is used by organisations to raise their performance by improving the way they manage and develop their people.

All organisations accredited against the Sixth Generation Standard are subject to review every twelve months, as well as a full re-assessment every three years. When a complaint is received about an accredited organisation regarding an issue which is covered by our Standard, the anonymised details of this complaint will be passed to our delivery network for exploration at review.

If your complaint is not within the scope of the Investors in People framework, for example for employment or consumer matters covered by law, we will try to signpost you to the most appropriate organisation to help resolve your complaint or provide you with advice.


Making a complaint about a non-accredited organisation

Accredited organisations are held to our Standard, and this is ensured through regular reviews and assessments. When we receive your complaint, our first step will be to check the accreditation status of the organisation in question.

If the organisation is unaffiliated with Investors in People, but continues to use our logo and branding, this matter will be investigated by our complaints and compliance team to ensure that all IIP branding is removed from the organisation’s materials.

To help us with this, we may contact you to ask for evidence of the use of the IIP logo – this evidence may take the form of scans or photographs of correspondence, or URL details of where the image was seen on an organisation’s website.


Making a complaint about our services

Investors in People is committed to providing the highest levels of service to all our customers. Our head office, delivery partner staff and practitioners aim for professionalism at all times.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with our services, then please let us know as soon as possible using the contact information at the bottom of the page. This would include if you have a complaint about:

  • An Investors in People delivery centre
  • An Investors in People practitioner
  • An Investors in People assessment

All client complaints will initially be handled by your regional delivery centre to reach a satisfactory conclusion.


The Scope of Investors in People

Investors in People is a voluntary framework with a focus on people development. Under our complaints procedure, we are unable to intervene in individuals’ cases in matters covered by consumer, employment and other law. We are also unable to take action on any matter which is the subject of grievance, tribunal or other legal proceedings until they are completed beyond any appeal.

As a voluntary framework, we do not have rights of entry into organisations unlike other regulatory bodies. For a review or assessment to take place, we must be invited on site by the client organisation.

The Investors in People framework covers the people management practices of an organisation. We are therefore unable to intervene on matters that do not refer to people management practices, such as consumer or legal matters.

Investors in People are only able to investigate complaints which relate to recognised organisations which are accredited with ourselves. For complaints against non-accredited organisations, we will attempt to sign-post you to other useful bodies who may be able to provide you with advice or assistance.


What Information Do We Need?

In order to answer your complaint or query, we will require the information below. This will need to be provided in writing via either email or physical letter.

  • The name of the organisation
  • The location of the source of the complaint.
  • Details of the complaint i.e. an organisation’s behaviour and how it relates to the content of the framework and/or is deemed to bring Investors in People into disrepute.
  • Your name and relationship to the organisation. We will maintain your confidentiality throughout the complaints process.
  • Where appropriate, written permission from you to discuss the details of your complaint with the organisation and/or individuals concerned. This does not include disclosing your identity, although you should be aware that the organisation may be able to identify you from your individual complaint.


Harassment Policy

We aim to respond to all complaints in a timely, polite and professional manner. However, on occasion, correspondence may be received which is deemed to be malicious or vexatious. Examples of this type of correspondence may include repeated complaints from a correspondent about identical issues, persistent correspondence past the resolution of a complaint, or the use of inappropriate or abusive language. In such circumstances, Investors in People may cease to respond further to such complaints.

If we deem your communications to constitute harassment we will notify you, via email, that we will be suspending further communications. Our staff have the right to work without being harassed and Investors in People will always uphold these rights in the way that we deal with the public professionally and politely. If you would like to complain about Investors in People, or the way your complaint has been handled, please contact the department for Business, Innovation and Skills co-sponsor team.

How To Contact Us

All complaints must be made in writing to our complaints and compliance team. You can contact us via email or letter using the following contact details:

Complaints and Compliance Team

Investors in People

157-197 Buckingham Palace Road

Victoria, London


United Kingdom

We aim to respond to all correspondence within 10 working days of receipt. Some issues may be more complex to resolve and the length of time will depend on the issues involved. If it is not possible to reach a prompt conclusion, we will contact you with an explanation, and set out expected timescales. Any correspondence will be treated in confidence, however anonymised details may be passed to our delivery centres and practitioners for consideration at the organisation’s review.